About us

Mezzatorre is a high quality Italian brand of clothing for every day.
Collections are created by its own team of designers, led by creative director of the brand - Rosie Cafaro.
The company was founded in Como, Italy.

Garments and footwear by Mezzatorre are the embodiment of experience and creative mind of the designer Rosy Cafaro. The designer transfers her love of life and creativity to her designs making them much appreciated by the fashion lovers in the Europe namely for these qualities.

Rosy Cafaro was born in Como, the Italian city located in the heart of Lombardy surrounded by spectacular scenery. The beauty of Alpine foothills and ancient architecture forever imprinted in her heart and endowed her with a sophisticated taste.

It is difficult to follow fashion trends and develop your own original style since fashion trends are the same for all. That’s why my goal is to create fresh and extraordinary original looks in the line with the modern trends.

Many years of work with prestigious Italian brands and participation in fashion workshops held by the iconic fashion designers empowered Cafaro to express her creativity in a qualitative way while traveling and exploring different cultures contributed to the formation of her signature style.

Timeless elegance and luxury in daily clothing are two main creeds of Cafaro’s designs.

The owners of the garments from Rosy’s collections do not need to take part in a fashion race buying new items every season. The designs from Mezzatorre collections do not become obsolete.

The everyday clothing made by Rosy stands out against the others with the unique textures and silhouettes while being maximally functional without any redundant details.

Being a very curious individual with inexhaustible creative initiative, Rosy is happy to remelt her daily experiences from meetings and travels into new design ideas with the help of her skills and professional vision. She is always productive, full of energy and inspiration.